Yes, even though the conference will be held online, a diplomatic posture (including clothing) must be kept. 

Yes, during the sessions you need to keep your camera on so the communication with the chair and other delegations is easier. However, during the general events such as the opening and closing ceremonies, as well as the main speech, you can turn off your camera so there’s no interference.

Notify it to your faculty or to your chair so they can contact you to our staff and solve your situation as soon as possible.

No, but there will be periodic breaks when you can turn your camera off.

It is extremely important to notify your situation to your chair so they can take it into consideration.

You will be credited a warning. If you collect two warnings, you will be asked to leave the current session. If you collect three warnings, you will be expelled from the conference.

  • Enter to to revise the delegations and committees availability and to download the registration form. 
  • Fill out your application and make your payment through a bank deposit. Attach a proof of payment to your registration form.
  • Send your registration form with the proof of payment to both of the following email addresses: and

You will then receive a confirmation email which ensures your participation in LAMUN XXXIV and notifies your selected committee and the delegation you were assigned to. 

Note: The allocation process will depend on the availability and order in which registration forms were received.

Send an email to to receive instructions on the payment process.

It includes access to the online platform for the model (Zoom Meetings) and a participation acknowledgement.