Delegates Eng



In any bank, dollars can be exchanged for pesos, within the university there is a branch office of BBVA Bancomer, S.A.

It is also advisable to go to a house exchange, such as:

    • Envipack Mexicana Centro Cambiario, S.A de C.V.
      Jose Ma. Local B, Av. Morelos 8, Centro
      Cholula de Rivadabia, Pue.
      Tel. (222) 247.8242
    • Casa de Cambio Asercop
      Av. Juárez No. 2927–3
      La Paz, Puebla
      Tel. (222) 130.0100
    • Servicios Financiero Intercam
      Av. Juárez No. 1706-A1
      La Paz, Puebla
      Tel. (222) 403.2000

The activities of LAMUN XXX will take place within UDLAP, so in our CONTACT section you will find the address, a map, telephones and emails in case you need personalized advice.

It is advisable to take a taxi or Uber to UDLAP, so that it is safer and faster. Otherwise, there are 2 public transportation routes that go from Puebla Centro and Puebla CAPU, to Cholula passing through the main entrance of the University, or by the entrance that is next to the Periférico Ecológico.


In the case of men, they should wear neutral colors, shirt, tie and dress shoes avoiding the use of caps and hats.

In the case of women, they may wear dress and skirts, maximum 5 cm above the knee, suit and / or pants with blouse, in neutral colors. Pronounced necklines are not allowed. It is recommended to wear flats given campus’ characteristics.

Sessions can last between 1 hour and a half, up to 2:30 hours, depending on the agenda of the day.

Meals are stipulated in the AGENDA of LAMUN, which can also be consulted in your badge. Each delegate can go to lunch with their Chair and committee if they wish to.

A delegate cannot leave the room during sessions, unless he or she leaves representation (a co-delegate). If the reason why the delegate needs to leave the room is an EMERGENCY, he or she may ask, by a DIPLOMATIC NOTE, to the Chair for permission. Each Chair will decide if it is in order or not.

It is only allowed during recesses and coffee breaks.

First of all, you will have to inform the Chair about the situation. Then, you can call to 2222, which corresponds to the Security Department of the UDLAP, and ask for your missing stuff.

In case of an accident or if someone needs medical attention, you need to call extension 3269 from any phone of the UDLAP. Please let your Chair know.

Yes, there are planned social activities,  we suggest asking your respective Chair about the dynamics, schedules and more information about them.

If you have more questions, doubts or commentaries, we ask you to let your FACULTY know so it can be clarify as soon as possible. In the CONTACT SECTION, you can find the right email directions to write to.